Many customers tell us they prefer the idea of glamping compered to camping in a tent for many reasons but certainly the most heard reason is due to the unpredictable weather conditions here in the UK.

People tend to prefer glamping to help escape the everyday technology ridden lifestyles many people find themselves engrossed in whether in their work/social lives. Glamping can bring families and their pets together to enjoy their beautiful surroundings and acheive some peace and quiet.

Do your research.

Finding the suitable land for a glamping site can be tricky as you want to ensure the area is perfect for your requirements which can include good space, near to a beach, beautiful scenery and suitable walking conditions, all these need to be taken into consideration to give you the best chance of providing exactly what your customers are looking for.

Look into planning and insurance.

Always look in to planning restrictions before buying any land as it’s not always straight forward and the land could have a lot of restrictions to take into account. All the necessary paperwork needs to be in order to ensure there is no delay in gaining permissions where needed.

Look at quotes for public liability insurance as this will also be required in case of injury or accidents on your site. In addition, you will need to carry out a general risk assessment of the entire site.

Once planning is authorised you can then apply for a camping license, there is more information to be found on this matter on the link below.


Once you have all the legal requirements in place you can then start to prepare the land for glamping pods, please allow for the time this takes  in your planning especially if the land needs levelling.

Purchasing your Glamping Structures

Timber Team UK make and install a variety of different glamping pods. All our pods are bespoke, made to order and are built to any size required.

Our beautiful round log cabin.
Natural solid wood – Spruce/Pine wood

Fairytale witch style house.
Natural solid wood – Spruce/Pine wood.

Hobbit house.
Nature solid wood – Spruce/Pine wood

Hobbit house.
Natural solid wood – Spruce/Pine wood.

There is the option of having a separate kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms if required.

There are also optional roof coverings to choose from:

Bitumen shingles

Metal sheets

Aspen shingles

Larch tiles

You can then choose how manywindows and entrances you prefer.

Once we have received all information required, we can then provide you with a detailed floor plan sketch.

When we have finalised everything and the order is processed, the next stage is delivery and installation which we provide which makes your experience as stress free as possible.

Grow your business

Advertising your glamping site is the key to success. You need to reach as many people as you can.

First you would look into building a website, whether this is by hiring a professional or building a website yourself.

Social media is an invaluable platform to use and it’s free.

You could make a Facebook business page, accounts on both Twitter and Instagram with targetted advertisements.

Write a blog about your new venture and share it with others, WordPress is often used in the blogging community.

Connect with others using Linked Inwith the aim of potentially bringing you more customers.

Good luck and stay safe.

Timber Team UK products are made with spruce/pine and are sourced from the highest quality timber tradesman.

We also offer a vast range of other outdoor/garden builds such as wooden gazebos, sauna’s, summer houses, children’s fairytale houses, hot tub shelters, BBQ huts and garden houses.