Photo courtesy of Cindy Edwards

Working with Stanford Park Entertainment Venue.

In October 2020 we were contacted by the owner of Stanford Farm which is an entertainment venue for celebrations, festivals, and also renowned for hosting  weddings. Stanford Park were initially interested in our rustic gazebos as our gazebos would work perfectly for their needs and the gazebos are also beneficial for social distancing while restrictions are still in place.

We quoted them for 20 gazebos with self assemble and our lead time was initially 8-10 weeks but we managed to have them made earlier  than quoted to help provide the gazebos in time for a Christmas festival that was been held at Stanford farm.

Our Gazebos were assembled by on site staff at the venue who encounted no issues during the installations. Stanford farm have forklifts which means they can move the gazebos around as and when needed.

The above images show Stanford Farms Lakeside Wedding Gazebo, Glamping Pods and Rustical Gazebos.

Due to the pandemic, staycations have been on the rise, which has seen many businesses expand to accommodate the glamping industry.

At Stanford farm many weddings have unfortunately had to change their dates due to the restrictive number of guests allowed by the government.

Stanford Farm wanted to give their guests something out of the ordinary for their wedding day and we were contacted again in February by Stanford Farm requesting a quote for our 2.5mx3m Hobbit houses and a wedding gazebo for their lakeside.

We quoted as requested and as they were happy with the quote, the order was processed.

Our Timber Team installed the hobbit houses and the lakeside wedding gazebo and the installations was completed in five days.

Visit the Stanford Farm website here: https://www.stanfordfarm.co.uk

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