With summer just a few months away, a gazebo is a great addition to your garden as we can have unpredictable weather here in the UK.

Maybe you would like a gazebo for a BBQ or hot tub to block the wind and rain or gazebos can be used for work, social gatherings or a garage for vehicles to be kept in the shade.

Here are a few reasons why a gazebo would be practical for any event.

Social Gatherings

What’s worse than planning a garden party and the weather ruins your plans?

With our sturdy wooden Gazebos built out of pine they can survive through any weather.

Our Tree Trunk Gazebos can be built to any size required with or without seating area with sizes that can accommodate thirty plus people so if the weather does take a turn for a worse you will have shelter so your party can continue.

Hot Tub Shelter

Our Gazebos have multiple benefits when used in conjunction with a hot tub.

They provide protection from the wind to prevent any damage and you can relax in the knowledge that you are sheltered and protected in any weather leaving you to relax and enjoy the hot tub.

This would mean that you can enjoy all year round use of your hot tub.

Having a wooden gazebo to encase your hot tub not only looks amazing but it’s perfect for friends and family celebrations. Bring everyone together, relax, unind and make the most of your garden.

Work/Hobby Use

Our Gazebos are used by people to use as their work space. Whether you are a mechanic, furniture restorer or such like, these gazebos offer plenty of space to work in your own designated area.

Gazebos don’t only give you and the environment around you protection whilst you’re working but they aslo protect your tools and equipment.